A-Pack Ready Meal Kit Review

A-PACK Ready Meal 12 MRE Kit Review

As human beings, we’d never be able to survive without food. No matter what the circumstances, how safe we might be from bad weather or how sturdy our house or shelter is, if we go without food for too long then we won’t be able to make it.

With the importance of nutrition, energy, and sustenance in mind, one of the most crucial things you’ll need in a survival kit is food. However, most foods aren’t made to be stored for very long and even canned varieties come with a use by date of around one year.

Meals ready to eat have been designed with this purpose in mind, offering a simple way to get nutrition and sustenance when you’re in a situation that calls for some extra help. These meals are packaged away with no expiration date, and they’re easy enough to eat even when you’re living on the basics.

A-Pack is a brand that makes plenty of these ready meals and they do so at an affordable price. If you’re not fussed on getting the most gourmet experience or spending hundreds of dollars just to stock up on rations, their meals are nutritious and easy to use, all the while being budget friendly.

A-Pack Meals Ready To Eat

A-Pack is part of the AmeriQual brand that was founded in Indiana in 1987 and has since developed into one of the largest providers of MREs in the country. 


Their process is based on the military preserving guidelines and they pride themselves on making affordable rationed food that suits a whole range of needs.

Their bulk pack of MREs comes with 12 different meals inside. These are all packed within a single box and you have the option of taking just a few out or storing the entire thing away. Inside the box, you’ll find:

  • ​Total weight of 12lbs;
  • ​Reduced sodium recipes
  • ​Meals include Black Beans and Rice Chicken Tetrazzini and Beef Stew Spaghetti;
  • check
    Military preserved for no expiration date;
  • check
    Inspected and tested in 2017;
  • check
    Self-heating mechanism;
  • check
    12 meals inside with 2x six different recipes;

​These meals were designed for survival situations but there’s really no limit on how you can enjoy them. People take them along on hiking, camping or fishing trips, or store them with their emergency preparation kit should the worse ever happen.

Even folks who live in colder climates and prefer not to leave the house too often in winter could benefit from having a pack handy.

Pros And Cons Of The A-Pack Ready Meals

One of the best things about these meals is the range of recipes within. Often with the more budget-friendly ready meals, you’ll find they’re lacking in taste or options. A-Pack has made sure to include a variety of cuisines including Italian, Asian, and Indian foods so you’ll get plenty of choices.

Another huge bonus with the meals is their commitment to making low sodium recipes. Many of these ready meals on the market are loaded with salt which can have adverse effects like raise cholesterol and excess thirst. Having this healthier option definitely makes them more appealing.

There were some reviews that claimed to have problems with the packaging of their ready meals and found some things were torn.

It’s always best to inspect every packet when it arrives to ensure that your meals will be ready to go should you ever need them, and not leave it up to chance that they’ll be in good condition.

Many MREs on the market require some other method to heat them up, whether it’s water or heating them over a stove.

A-Pack has a self heating mechanism within which will heat them up ready to eat without needing another thing. This can be especially handy in survival situations where you might be running low on supplies.

How To Get Your A-Pack Ready Meals

The best place to buy ready meals these days is online as you’re given a lot more variety and the option to purchase for cheaper prices. A-Pack is known as a more affordable option but their prices are even better when you shop online through Amazon.

For the 12 pack of meals, you can expect to pay around $75 at the moment which means around $6 per meal. In some cases, the meals are big enough to feed to which makes them even greater value.

If you want to purchase more, you can sometimes get an extra discount through Amazon for bulk buys that means you’ll save further on the final price.

Shopping through Amazon comes with another benefit of free shipping, and as these boxes of MREs can be quite heavy you have the potential to save a lot.

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, your delivery will come within 48 hours of being ordered so it’s perfect if you need to take some last minute meals along on a camping or fishing trip this weekend.

A-Pack has made a note on their listing that some of the candy options within the kit might not be viable any longer. For those with a sweet tooth who want a backup of treats in their survival supplies, it might be better to shop for these separately.

The Verdict

Survival meals are always handy to have as a backup, and purchasing ones that are affordable but versatile like the A-Pack Ready Meals is a great choice.

These are ideal for keeping around the house or cabin for when you might need them, provided you give them a check once the packaging arrives.

A-Pack has been one of the longest-running MRE manufacturers in their country and their military preservation standards make their meals some of the longest lasting as well. To get yourself the A-Pack 12 Ready Meal kit today and prepare yourself for the unexpected, click here to check them out.

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