The Ultimate Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Survival Kit On The Market

The Ultimate Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Survival Kit

The best survival kit comprises of all the essential supplies you need during an emergency situation. All such packages are available in different sizes, shapes and price ranges. Some people like to make their kits.

However, this can be more expensive than buying a ready-made kit that features everything you need to survive a catastrophic event.

Modern-day survival kits are also popularly referred to as ‘Bug out bags.' That is because these bags are assembled survival kits and contain all the right equipment in case you need to ‘bug out.' Sometimes, survival kits are also referred to as BOB or go bags.

Everything that goes into a survival kit.

A bug out bag is a portable kit that contains all items you may need to survive for at least 48 or 72 hours. The best survival kit includes food, water, essential clothing items, tools and a first aid kit.

In this buying guide, we are going to detail all the essential items that you must look out for in a survival kit.

Since the market has all kinds of options that are valuable for survival during or after a hurricane, earthquake or flood; choosing the right kit can be tricky.

Moreover, some popular kits are also beneficial for camping, hiking, trekking and all outdoor adventures to ensure maximum safety.

Here are a few of the best survival kits to help you choose the right product for your needs.

Product Name

Our Rating

Best 2 Person Survival Kit

Best 72 Hour Survival Kit

Best First Aid Kit for Survival

Best Emergency Survival Kit

Best 2 Person Survival Kit

Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bug Out Bag And Disaster Kit

Our winner for the best two person survival kit is this incredibly functional disaster management kit from Emergency Zone.

The Urban Survival Bug out Bag comprises of useful items, all made in the U.S. From essential elements including water and food to other miscellaneous tools and first aid; the product features everything you look out for in an inclusive survival kit. 

Despite having premium-quality equipment such as an efficient multi-purpose knife, a flashlight, and bathroom accessories, the kit has an affordable price.

Moreover, you also get a weather protection kit if you are outdoors. Thanks to a tube tent and hand warmers, you won't have to worry even if you get lost for a while.

Emergency Zone 840-2 Urban Survival Bug Out Bag Emergency Disaster Kit

The bag is safe to use and looks more like a regular backpack. It is a perfect survival kit that you can easily keep in your home, car or truck.

The urban bag is a massive hit among preppers who are looking for functional and affordable survival kits.

It has received rave reviews from people of all ages who consider it a great way to keep all essential items in just one bag. Buyers are also happy to get an emergency preparedness manual with the bag so you can be more aware of how to survive and remain safe during a disaster.

The fantastic two-person Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bug out is available for almost $140.


  • The kit contains US Coast Guard approved food and water with a shelf life of 5 years
  • All supplies are factory-packed for protecting your family
  • Includes all essential items including food, water, hygiene items, radio, compass, and flashlight


  • High-quality accessories
  • Spacious multi-pocketed backpack
  • Premium quality first aid items and toiletries


  • An expensive model that works for two people only

Best 72 Hour Survival Kit

Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack

If you are looking for a fully functional survival kit, the Wise Food Survival Backpack is the best product in the market that has enough supplies to keep you safe for five days. 

You get water pouches, food, flashlight, waterproof matches as well as a portable stove. Other great features of the kit are waterproof matches, a 42- piece first aid kit, an emergency poncho, a blanket, a deck of cards and much more. That means you can take care of stuff while you wait for professional help to arrive.

The Wise Foods kit is designed to pack all essential things in a backpack so you can easily carry it around or keep it in your car. Thanks to its portability and efficiency, the Wise Food Survival Backpack has garnered an impressive number of favorable reviews from buyers who consider it an excellent choice.

Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack

It contains 32 food servings that can last more than a week for an individual. You get tortillas, milk, pasta, cinnamon cereal and the rice and beans to keep you satiated in times of a calamity. That is a perfect kit for surviving natural catastrophes such as wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods.

Now you can be ready for any hurricane, storm or natural disaster with this survival backpack. It is also a favorite accessory for outdoor enthusiasts who can benefit from its weatherproof accessories.

You can purchase the Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack for just under $50 on


  • The perfect accessory for efficient disaster management
  • Features a stainless steel cup, a portable stove and fuel tablets
  • All accessories are factory-packed in camo nylon backpack
  • check
    First aid kit and hygiene kit


  • Durable and cool-looking bag
  • Features an exceptional first aid kid


  • Less multifunctional tools

Best First Aid Kit for Survival

Aootek Upgraded Survival Kit

When looking for the best first aid kit, there aren’t too many items like the Aootek Upgraded 268-pcs Survival Kit. You get a wide range of all essential elements from Pliers to blanket and surgical tape.

Investing in this high-quality survival kit means you get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with buying the perfect companion for any emergency situation.

It is not just great for disaster management but is also popularly used for hiking, camping, trekking and any outdoor adventure.

Whether you are hunting or exploring the outdoors, this light-weight survival kit features all essential items to help you get out of an expected life situation. The first aid kit boasts a convenient carrying case, so you never have to search for your desired items.

Aootek Upgraded 268 Pcs first aid kit survival Kit

You get a handful of useful items such as the unbeatable pocket wire saw. It has sharp blades and smooth features but is built never to hurt your hands. Premium quality ignition rods come in handy to make the fire under the rain, snow, low pressure and in wet conditions. Thanks to a compact and sensitive compass, you can never get lost in the wilderness.

The survival first aid kit is a must-have accessory for any outdoor adventurer or an avid traveler. Buyers are amazed to find all essential items packed in a single case to keep all medical supplied in one place. This small and compact product does not take up much space of your backpack.

The kit ensures that you have quick and easy access to medical-grade supplies. You can offer immediate treatment to any injured individual, thanks to a vast array of accessories that come with this kit. It is also easy to carry and boasts a compact design. You can quickly place this first aid kit in your drawer, car, backpack or your camping gear.

The Aootek Upgraded Survival Kit is a favorite item on If you are interested in purchasing this super-efficient first aid kid, buy it today for just around $24 from Amazon.


  • Features all essential first-aid tools including blanket, bandages and other equipment such as flashlight, scissors, pliers and fishing lines
  • Light-weight and portable


  • Ideal for all emergency situations
  • Long-lasting and useful accessories
  • Offers exceptional durability


  • The knife requires frequent sharpening for a better edge

Best Emergency Survival Kit

Winner - Xuanlan Emergency Survival Kit 11 In 1

It is common to come across hundreds of emergency survival kits that feature the best supplies. However, when you are looking for the best survival kit that lets you combat the after-effects of cyclones, hurricanes, floods and volcanic eruptions; there is nothing that offers an immediate fix than the Xuanlan Emergency Survival Kit 11 in 1.

Moreover, it is one of the best kits for all outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, trekking, and climbing. It contains quite a few essential items such as a medical bracelet, a folding knife, a whistle, emergency blanket, fire starter, flashlight, black box and a compass to name a few.

The contemporary design is sure to grab your attention while the featured accessories provide you all the right tools for a successful climbing, hiking or camping experience.

XUANLAN Emergency Survival Kit 11 in 1

All components of this premium-quality kit are made out of sturdy and durable materials to sustain lousy weather and rugged terrains. The all in one survival kit features everything a survivalist wishes to possess.

One of the best-noted features of this incredible kit is its tactical pen which is not just great for breaking car glass in an emergency but also comes in handy for regular writing and self-defense. The aluminum whistle produces a loud 120 dB sound so rescuers can easily find you if you are in an unfortunate catastrophe. The cold steel military knife is durable and rust-free for long-lasting performance.

The survival gear boasts impressive dimensions and weighs merely 0.98 pounds. That is a great survival kit that can comfortably fit into your backpack or car. Never leave your house without the Xuanlan Emergency kit.

The product is also a pleasant gift for anyone who loves to explore the outdoors. The Xuanlan kit has collected a fair share of positive reviews from happy clients on Amazon where you can purchase it for just under $30.


  • Perfect for extreme outdoor adventures
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Boasts a waterproof carry case
  • An ideal gift for any outdoor enthusiast


  • Good value for the money


  • None

Runner-Up - Everlit Emergency Survival Kit 40-In-1

Our runner-up product is the Everlit Emergency Survival Kit that comprises of the best first-aid and survival supplies you can find in a modern –day survival kit. It consists of high-quality accessories including a tactical pen, pocket knife, flashlight, compass, whistle, multi-functional saber card and other medical supplies such as bandages and wound pad. 

That is indeed a practical survival kit for anyone who wishes to be well-prepared for an emergency. You can also teach your kids about survival tips. The multi-functional survival kit has compartments and can also hold most types of phones.

The multi-functional paracord bracelet along with other accessories makes this kit a great addition to any outdoor adventure or survival gear.

You also get a mini first-aid kit to ensure that you always remain safe in an emergency situation.

EVERLIT Emergency Survival Kit

The kit is manufactured by a brand that is committed to producing the best tools for helping today's busy consumers. Thanks to prompt customer service, buyers can quickly get in touch with the brand.

The kit comes with an exclusive 60 days return offer and a one-year satisfaction warranty. The package is customized by military veterans to equip you with the best of accessories for handling all kinds of emergencies. It is a great product that combines all emergency supplies with essential first aid tools to present an inclusive survival kit for people of all ages.

The EverLit Kit is a hit among outdoor adventurers and preppers who are looking for updated survival kits to add more safety and convenience to their lives. Buy it today for just over $25 to get a great way to protect yourself and your loved ones.


  • Exclusive 40-in-1 Molle Holster Pouch
  • Premium quality supplies
  • Features Pliers, molle phone pouch, bracelet and first-aid kit
  • check
    Manufactured by a veteran-owned company


  • Incredibly high-quality survival emergency kit
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, and all outdoor activities
  • Water-resistant and compact equipment


  • None

How To Buy The Best Survival Kit

It is not surprising to see why survival kits are becoming increasingly popular. No matter what you call it, a survival kit remains to be the most crucial item in case you need to encounter unexpected life events or sustain injuries during or after a natural disaster.

Brands continue to accessorize new survival kits. Loaded with all the essential things you need to tackle a challenge, these kits are commonly available as a bug-out bag, 72-hour kits or Get out of Dodge bags. Some bags are also called ‘I'm not coming Home' sacks. However, the purpose of a survival kit remains the same.

Natural calamities or a power break down can affect your water treatment plants or cut down your local food supplies. That is why survival kits must have sufficient food and water to sustain you during difficult times. These kits are also great accessories in case you get stuck in a camping or outdoor adventure.

Before you begin shopping for the best survival kit that suits your budget and needs, let’s take a look at the features you must consider in a good quality kit

Shelter Supplies

A sophisticated survival kit always has a few weatherproof items that are great for providing shelter in an extreme situation. Such packages are appropriate for travelers on the go or come in handy in case of a hurricane or tornado or a fire.

Look for kits that feature a weatherproof tent, a poncho, ropes and lightweight blankets.


We all know you can survive for three days without water but why take the risk? It is a great idea to purchase a kit that has enough water to keep you alive for at least a week. Dehydration leads to serious health consequences and can even cause death if not controlled.

Bottled water.

If you are buying a survival kit for an outdoor adventure, it makes little sense to invest in a package that does not have any water content. Extra water also helps when you are temporarily lost or are unable to access drinking water.

Many of today’s popular emergency survival kits have water packets that are adequate for keeping you hydrated for multiple days. You also get purification tablets to purify water from other sources in case you are outdoors.


Water can keep us alive, but it takes food to help us combat the aftermath of a catastrophe. You also need food if you are building a shelter, hiking or climbing your way back to your destination.

That is why choosing a survival kit that has adequate food to keep you nourished goes a long way for better survival.

First-Aid Tools

If you have kids or old family members, even minor injuries need your immediate attention. There is no survival without first-aid equipment. Having a first aid in your bug out bag or emergency kit ensures that you can take care of all minor and major injuries without having to wait for professional help.

A first-aid kit guarantees no severe infections and prevents excessive bleeding for increasing your chances of survival in a deserted or tragedy-ridden site. Apart from other items, you should also look for a suture kit that comes in handy for deep sewing wounds.

Hygiene-Related Items

Poor hygiene can worsen wounds and make survival even more difficult. When you invest in a kit that has a few hygiene accessories such as waste bags, toothbrush/paste, and soaps; you can maintain basic hygiene practices to remain as clean as possible.

Other Equipment ​And Tools

Tools are not luxury but essential items in a survival kit. These tools are useful for building shelters and making repairs.

A survival knife in a tree log.

Duct tape, knives, pliers, and other accessories including hand gloves can make your survival easier. Nobody wants to use faulty and mediocre tools. If you're going to save your hands from blisters and splinters, make sure the emergency kit you buy has quality tools.

Other equipment that can help you out in an unexpected life situation includes flashlights, ropes, blankets, waterproof matchsticks, portable stoves, work gloves and sewing kits, etc. Many packages also feature insect repellents if you are out in the woods.

Expiry Date

It is also essential to check the shelf life of all the food and water supplies that are present in a kit. Check the product label to ensure that the equipment you are about to buy has only fresh supplies.


Although all survival kits are assembled to keep you safe in an emergency, some of these are primarily for camping or hiking adventures. Make sure you are investing in the right kind of bug out that is put together for your specific needs.


You wouldn't want to spend a fortune on a kit that is too heavy. Make sure the survival kit or first-aid kit you choose boasts a compact size for easy portability.

Benefits Of Buying The Best Survival Kit

Stay Safe And Prepared

 A survival kit ensures that all your essential and emergency items are packed securely inside a bag or container. That helps you remain calm and protected during a life-threatening situation. Water purification tablets, first-aid equipment, food and water supplies guarantee quick access to all items that are essential for survival. 

Quality Products

Purchasing an FDA and CE survival kit means that you get top-quality tools and accessories that are inspected by professionals and military veterans.

Good Customization

You can buy the best survival kit, mainly assembled for your intended purpose. Whether you are hiking, camping or purchasing equipment for your home; there is a survival kit for everyone and everything. There are also a few vehicle survival kits that can always remain in your car, no matter where you go.


When you have to buy the best survival kit, don't forget to take note of the factors we have enlisted in this buying guide. There are a plethora of websites that try to sell out mediocre and low-priced survival kits.

Survival backpack next to a lake.

However, most of these comprise of low-quality tools and accessories. It is essential that you check reviews and ratings of a product and go through its features to know if it is designed to fulfill your needs.

The best survival kit features all the essential supplies, tools, and equipment that keep you safe in a natural disaster or during a tragic accident, especially when you are outdoors.

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