Best Non Perishable Food For Emergency Use in 2023 and Beyond

best non perishable food for emergency

In a nationwide crisis like a natural disaster, war, or even a pandemic like COVID-19, it’s essential to ensure your family's survival by establishing a collection of healthy, non perishable food for emergency use that will last as long as possible. 

These items must give you enough nutrients until you’re rescued or the situation otherwise stabilizes.

Given that we often can't tell how soon things can return to normal, important factors about the kit you assemble or buy need to be considered. And since most people prefer to get pre-assembled kits, here's what you need to look out for: 

  • Shelf Life: a 30-year shelf life is ideal, although you'll usually find products a few years below that. 
  • Nutritional Content: please don't attempt to survive on candy and sugar, because that will hurt your body much more if you survive a disastrous situation. Look for balanced meals that meet your macros (such as carbohydrates, proteins, and dietary fibers) and micros (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.)
  • Caloric Intake: if the caloric content of the food you're buying is too little for the price you're offered, consider another option. Paying hundreds of dollars for food that won’t keep you from feeling weak and unfulfilled is not worth it.
  • Ease of Consumption: food that can be consumed as soon as possible is preferable to food you have to cook. 

We've picked out some of the best non perishable food for emergency use that you should consider purchasing to prepare yourself! 

Best Non Perishable Food for Emergency Use

1. ReadyWise Emergency Food

ReadyWise is one of the leading manufacturers of emergency food supplies and non perishable food items, and this is one of the emergency kits they've prepared to allow you to incorporate the healthiest options into your diet in an emergency scenario. 

This pack has about 100 servings which can last you up to a month if you eat three meals a day. All you need to do is add clean water to this dehydrated food and viola! You have breakfast and some basic entrees to enjoy. Hot water is not required to rehydrate the meal, but it is preferred.

One of the most appealing things about this product is the shelf life, which ends at a whopping 25 years! Imagine getting to store food for that long: for those of us who worry about having to survive through a zombie apocalypse or nuclear war, ReadyWise brings you excellent sources of healthy foods that can last you at least a quarter of a lifetime! All jokes aside, the shelf life really does make it an appealing kit to consider, which is why it's on our list. 

These shelf-stable foods can be used for more than just extreme survival purposes and worst-case scenarios: you can take them to hike, camp, or even for days you feel particularly lazy! 

They offer macaroni, soup, stroganoff, and granola if you're looking for foods with a great shelf life, with sources of protein or just high-energy food, and without having to lug around the weight of canned foods. 


  • Hot water not required (but it is preferred)
  • Various options available
  • Great taste
  • High nutritional value
  • Gluten-free options


  • Can be expensive

While this isn't an incredibly huge franchise or well-known brand, this small business pays great attention to detail and can cater to your needs just as well as any other. 

You’d be surprised at how nutritious their dry food is, especially as a great source of vitamin content. These include vitamins A, B, C, and D. It does not contain peanut oil and is also Kosher. 

Also, the food is incredibly easy to prepare and eat, given that it requires no preparation at all. You don't need water, heat or any kind of cooking. These are bars, so you can munch on them whenever the need arises, especially when you're too busy or involved in a rigorous activity that doesn't allow much room or resources for cooking 

Each box includes 9, 400-calorie packs (3,600 calories total), which gives one person a 3-day food supply. This product is usually supposed to sustain you for a limited time until you can be rescued or remove yourself from something like natural disasters. 

This would be the pick if you need high-energy, high-protein foods or food for hurricanes and other calamities. The packaging could last even through flood waters, which is a plus. 


  • Can be stored at extremely high (300 F) and low (-40 F) temperatures 
  • Designed not to make you thirsty 
  • Delicious 
  • Pros


  • 5 year shelf life 
  • Only one flavor 

This one is similar to ReadyWise, in terms of shelf life and a few other factors.  

Although they are a small business, they offer a lot in terms of value for your money and the quality of the product. Similar to ReadyWise above, the longevity of the survival food kit is 25 years. The pricing is on-point, especially considering just how much food you get per box: 189 servings, 30,260 calories, which is enough rations to last one adult 15 days (at a rate of 2,000 calories per day).

The philosophy behind their business is to make the healthiest non perishable food affordable and accessible to the average family, so they don't go hungry in emergencies. 

Another appealing feature is the ability to return to what you were eating without the product becoming stale. You guessed it right: the bags are resealable, a feature most kits don't offer. This means you can change your mind about finishing the food at a later time. However, given this is more about storage, given that the meals need to be cooked. 

The food options are also pretty great: they contain white rice, macaroni, pancake mix, rolled oats, and black beans. This is an incredibly balanced meal choice that covers all the bases for a two-week food supply, with some healthy protein, carbs, and dietary fibers. 


  • Long shelf life 
  • Balanced diet 
  • Resealable packaging 


  • You have to cook 

Can I Make My Own Emergency Pantry? 

It’s very possible to make your own emergency pantry, and if the pandemic taught us anything, many people customize their own pantries with the foods of their choice.

A useful tool for organizing your home food supply is a food storage chart that shows how much of each item remains within your pantry. Fresh fruits can be preserved in air-tight containers. A useful method of food preservation (derived from the Middle East) is the preservation of vegetables in vinegar, which is a great alternative to canned vegetables.

As far as the preservation of fruit is concerned, you can do it in many ways. You can preserve frozen fruit or make fruit juice out of it. Freeze-dried fruits or fruit bars can be made at home or purchased at the store, depending on your grocery budget. Or you can simplify the process and just get canned fruit. 

Final Thoughts 

It's essential to have the best non perishable food for emergency use that has a long shelf life and high nutritional value to make it through unexpected emergencies. As the old adage goes, “Better safe than sorry.” You will have peace of mind knowing that, if the worst should happen, you have your nutritional basics covered.

These non perishable food options would pair great with the best survival kits.