A Guide To Basic Survival Skills For Catastrophic Situations

A Guide To Basic Survival Skills For Catastrophic Situations

It is no secret that Mother Nature can lay down her wrath upon us at any time she wants. There are numerous examples of disasters and catastrophes that have happened over the years. These catastrophes often come without any warning; so, it is best to prepare yourself beforehand to survive.

Not everyone has survival skills, there are only a few gutsy things human beings can do, but other than that, preparation is pivotal. Following the tips given down below will be significantly helpful for you in the majority of potential survival situations.

Searching For Water And Purifying It

We all know that water is essential for a human being to survive. However, its importance increases significantly during and after catastrophes. Therefore, it is quintessential to look for clean and purified water, as unpurified water tends to carry germs and can make an already troubling situation even worse.

A man purifying water.

Dehydration can cause dangerous diseases; some of these diseases are also contagious. So, it would be advisable to stay hydrated at all times for your sake and others as well. 

Following are some symptoms of dehydration

  • Increased heart rate
  • Hallucinations
  • Skin tingling
  • Lethargy
  • Nausea

Building A Survival Shelter

Buildings and houses are often victims of disasters as well, and they sustain a lot of damage. This damage makes these houses an unsuitable place for habitation. Therefore, having a shelter that caters to your basic needs is necessary.

Even though people can buy survival shelter beforehand, knowing how to build one yourself is an essential skill, as you never know when things could go wrong. Everyone should keep the following factors in mind when they are considering making a survival shelter.

  • It should offer protection from heavy rain and snow
  • It should be sturdy enough not to get torn by strong winds
  • It should protect the inhabitants from freezing temperatures

Keeping Calm Under Pressure

It is only natural for people to get scared and lose their cool during dire situations. Therefore, you should train yourself beforehand to stay cool in these situations because survival in a disturbed state is not only difficult but impossible.

The first thing to do under the circumstances is to accept the predicament you are in and focus on deep breathing. It will help you think clearly and even make good improvisations that could potentially lead to your survival.

Creating Fire Without Lighters Or Matchboxes

Safety of your survival kits during hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes isn't a guarantee. It is why everyone needs to learn how to start fires without the use of matches or lighters. Lighting a fire can be essential for keeping you warm and also sending distress signals if there are no other means of communication available.

Starting a fire without a lighter.

Prepare Yourself For Long-Term Survival

There is no guarantee when a catastrophic situation might end. Hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes tend to last for long periods of time. Keeping all of these things in mind, the sensible thing to do would be to mentally and physically prepare you for long-term survival.

Following these tips can ensure that you are well equipped to face any impending danger head-on while helping others in the process too.