Western Frontier Ultimate MRE Review

Western Frontier Ultimate MRE Review

One of the most important aspects of survival is food, and anyone who’s ever tried to do anything on an empty stomach before will be able to testify. When you’re far away from access to fresh food or don’t have rations that are going to cut it, your health will start to suffer immediately.

Being prepared for survival is largely based around having adequate supplies like food rations on hand. With nutritious and satisfying meals at the ready, you’ll have the energy to tackle whatever the day has in store and will be ensuring that your physical health is as strong as it can be.

The problem with many of the ration meals on the market made for survival is that they’re lacking in freshness and quality. While it might seem like a good deal to get a bargain and purchase as many tins or packets of food as you can when it comes time to use them you won’t be gaining anything nutritious from them at all.

Western Frontier specializes in ready to eat meals made for a survival situation and all of their products are focused on freshness. They sell ​genuine United States military MREs that ​​they have Inspected and Verified Fresh.

If you’ve had bad experiences in the past with MREs that are old, bland, or not even usable, this is a great way to ensure you never run into that problem again.

Western Frontier Ultimate MRE Meals

Western Frontier Ultimate Review

Western Frontier is a brand who solely focuses on ready to eat meals, and they do a pretty good job of being diverse. Just a quick look at their product line up will show you a cast collection of MREs, some singular, others in bulk packs, but all designed to provide a fresh and tasty alternative to others on the market.

Their products have been packed recently and all verified fresh so there’s no need to wonder exactly what you’re eating and what era it might have come from.

They want to fill the gap in the market where there seems to be a lack of fresh options and they do so with meals that are inspected recently and using fresh ingredients and recipes.

Western Frontier is known as a premium brand in the MRE market, and it’s mainly due to this freshness that they promise. When you purchase this specific bundle of their meals, you’ll be getting:

  • ​24 genuine Western Frontier ration meals;
  • ​Suitable for all needs like fishing trips, camping, emergency weather, and more;
  • ​Heats up easily using hot water;
  • check
    Range of food options like Garlic Chicken Breast and Jalapeno Pepper Jack Beef Patty;
  • check
    All include inspection date and pack date for your reference;
  • check
    No expiration date;
  • check
    1250 calories per meal;

​These MREs are ideal for anyone needing ration food for all types of situations. Hiking and camping trips, emergency prepping, or just to store at home as a backup. They’re made for either immediate consumption or to store long term, and either option will deliver a tasty meal once you heat it up.

What You’ll Get From Western Frontier MREs

The taste of these is something that most reviewers raved about which is surprising to see. Some MREs aren’t as flavorsome as you’d hope for because some people keep them just for emergencies, but Western Frontiers has managed to make rations that will actually be enjoyable to eat. This makes them a great option for camping and fishing trips, too.

Although these foods are marked as having no expiry date, it’s best to keep your ration food within around five years of it being made.

Western Frontier Ultimate Bags

The food won’t go off but it can lose some nutritional value, so choosing a brand like Western Frontier is a good idea to ensure that you’re getting adequate nutrition from your MRE and a fresher product.

One downside to this brand is that the dessert portions weren’t as good as some people had hoped.

There were candy portions out of date and others that weren’t really adequate in size, so it might be best to pack your own dessert options if you think you’ll have a sweet tooth in a survival situation.

Where To Buy The Western Frontiers Ultimate MRE Case

Buying rations and MREs used to be hard to do, but thanks to the internet there’s now a huge selection of them available and all at great prices.

Western Frontier sells all of their products through Amazon and the Ultimate MRE Case is available currently at a discounted rate with a third of the price off. Currently, you can get the 24 pack of meals for only about $160.

Not only do they have this promotion running, but they charge nothing for shipment either. Regular customers will get their meals shipped within a week or so, but for members of Amazon Prime, you’ll receive yours in less than two days.

This means if you’re planning a spur of the moment camping trip and need food, you have a chance to get them sooner.

Western Frontier comes with a guarantee that you’ll receive fresh and authentic meals from their company otherwise you’ll get a full refund of your money. Be sure to check out the stamp of authentication when you purchase them to be sure that you’re getting a genuine product.

The Final Say

As far as fresh ready to eat meals go, Western Frontier is definitely one of the leading brands in this market.

Their dedication to making rationed meals that don’t just taste good but are high in nutritional value and freshly packed means people are happy to spend a little extra to get them.

 Whether you need food supplies for camping, fishing trips, your bunker, a zombie apocalypse, or just to have as a backup, these are a tasty and fresh option. To check out more about the Western Frontier Ultimate MRE Case, click here to find them online.

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