Best Wilderness Survival Gear and Equipment of 2023

wilderness survival gear and equipment

Just how likely you are to survive out in the wild greatly depends on the gear and equipment you bring, and this fact is well-known to seasoned wilderness explorers or adventurers. Temperatures can range from hot and dry, to humid and frigid and wet, to snowing and cold, depending on where you choose to camp out. 

And the climate will be the last of your worries if your food expires, your water is contaminated, or you simply lack the tools to ensure your well-being in the wild, especially away from civilization. 

This necessitates the use of survival kits, which you can purchase easily on Amazon, or even Walmart. They come with different tools, customized to meet your needs, and some small businesses will even help you pick the best fit. 

Make sure to keep a few things in mind before you purchase or assemble a kit: 

Location: the tools you need will depend on where you're going. For instance, a hike up to a national park in the cold mountains versus camping right next to the river will demand a different set of tools. 

Duration: pack food and water according to the duration of your stay so you don't run out of items while you’re away from civilization. 

Weather: always check weather reports about the location. You need to be prepared for rain, hail, snow, or extreme heat. In some places, you need to be wary of certain species that come out from hibernation like bears, or in swarms, like wasps, bees, spiders etc., as the seasons change. 

You will also need thermal clothing and blankets for cold temperatures. 

Here are some of our best picks for the best wilderness survival gear and equipment! 

1. WEYLAND Survival Kit

This is one of the top survival kits you will find in the market, with some incredibly high ratings, and when you look at the kit's details, you'll know exactly why! 

WEYLAND pays a lot of attention to detail and knows exactly what you could possibly need in the outdoors. This is why their kit contains 13 pieces. In fact, they might just be one of the very few outdoor survival gear manufacturers that include the "full tang fixed blade tactical" knife, which make this a more practical survival kit than most others in the market that use foldable knives.

This is because this particular knife has an excellent tanto tip, with partial serration, and is as close to indestructible as it gets. Although there's only one of them, at 11 inches, it’s one of those essential survival gear pieces that can make or break your wilderness adventure!

The pack also comes with a compass, a tool card, a flashlight, a paracord bracelet, and a plastic case. They also have an emergency blanket, a standard survival equipment mylar blanket meant to provide insulation, not just for your body heat, but also to reflect heat from any fire you build back to your shelter. 

Additionally, the kit includes a fire starter, a Kuboton (or whistle that sounds over a wide range,) a signal mirror, and a survival bracelet. All in all, they've got some pretty savvy survival products.


  • Massive, 11-inch fixed blade survival knife
  • Well-designed equipment
  • Plenty of items
  • Wire saw doesn't hurt your hands


  • Some might consider the equipment too big
  • Flashlight might not be especially bright

This is a rather interesting product with high customer ratings. 

Their whistle is a 4-in-1 tool, setting it apart from the classic survival tool. It features a whistle that’s also a thermometer, a magnifying glass, and a compass! Pretty cool, right? 

Their thermal blanket claims to retain around 90% of your body's heat. The kit is good if you're in a forest because it contains a shovel, which can come in handy, and isn’t included in most survival kits. 

Another appealing aspect of this basic survival kit is that it contains a first aid kit, which should be a part of every camping kit. The first aid includes scissors, medical tape, bandages, tweezers, and pins. 

The material of the wilderness survival kit itself is durable and water-resistant. It’s a compact kit but still has plenty of room to hold all the essential survival tools. It also contains a raincoat to keep you dry in wet conditions. 


  • Comes with an emergency first-aid kit 
  • Compact 
  • Includes a shovel
  • Has many attachment straps
  • Has a fishing kit 


  • Doesn't have a lot of room for other items

This is also a greatly appreciated and tested survival kit on the market that customers swear by. It's usually marketed as a gift for the men in your life, and if they’re anywhere close to the outdoorsy, adventurous type, then this is indeed the perfect gift! 

This kit contains 13 pieces, and the good part is they've added a water bottle clip. Additionally, the kit includes a waterproof box. It's aimed towards surviving a catastrophic weather or natural disaster with its 4-in-1 survival bracelet, tool card, first aid blanket, and fire starter.

Like most kits, there is a compass, flashlight, and wire saw, although they also have a multipurpose spork!

The kit is pretty light and compact, and can be easily carried almost anywhere. It's perfect for adventurers who like to camp out in hard areas or places that aren't the most accessible, for instance, an extensive hike. 

The package is also insured by Amazon’s customer service in case it's been stolen before it could reach you: this should set you at ease if you're the kind of person who isn't home too often.


  • The huge tactical pen can break glass
  • Includes a water bottle clip
  • Large survival blanket


  • The container could be better quality 
  • Kit has a latch that is not too durable

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the 5 most important things for survival?

Survival in the wilderness requires a working knowledge of survival skills in catastrophic situations.

You also need shelter, a way to signal both presence and distress, food, water, and of course, a first aid kit. Going into the wild without these things is putting your life at risk for no good reason. 

2. What is most important in a survival kit?

Water and the right survival food are essential, in addition to warmth and shelter. Make sure to keep a flashlight on you at all times, and working batteries so you don't have a useless tool on your hand. 

3. How do I build my own wilderness survival gear and equipment kit?

Most people find it tough to put together their very own kits. It’s time-consuming and can be easy to forget essential items. If you find a premade wilderness survival gear and equipment kit that fits your needs, but has missing items, you can purchase them separately. 

In fact, even if you want to assemble your own equipment packages, looking at the ones available on the market can give you a pretty good idea of what to get. 

4. What should I pack in my wilderness first aid kit? 

Make sure you have antibacterial wipes, or cotton and rubbing alcohol to clean any injuries. Add in pain relief medication, both oral and topical, as well as bandages and pins to secure them. 

Take care of your gut health: bring electrolytes and gastric medication to prevent diarrhea, constipation, and acid reflux. 

Always keep hand sanitizers, masks, soaps, and sunscreen on you. Depending on where you're going, throw in some sunscreen and gel to calm down any blisters.

See our other articles for survival information targeted towards specific survival situations, such as our article on urban survival.


All the wilderness survival gear and equipment we mentioned is pretty great, although some kits have features that set them apart. We hope we have given you the information that you need to ensure that you get the right amount and quality of tools for a good price.

Happy camping!